Peli 1490CC2 Computer Case Deluxe
Peli 1490CC2 Computer Case Deluxe

Peli 1490CC2 Computer Case Deluxe

VAT included

Peli 1490 preconfigured variant equipped with lid organizer for computers and Pick N' Pluck cutted foam. Configured to work, this case allows those working in constant motion to have with itself and safe from water, shock and dust, the company's laptop and all documents. 

Manufacturer: Peli
Category: Notebook Protector Cases
Country of origin: USA
External dimensions: 50.4 x 35.4 x 11.9 cm
Interior dimensions: 45.1 x 28.9 x 10.5 cm
Weight: 2,95kg
Certifications: DEF STAN 81-41, 4280 STANG


Included in the Peli 1490CC2, lid organizer, and three layers of dense foam soundproofing. The organizer allows you to carry, safely and orderly, documents or a laptop "15-17" inches. The froth Pick N' Pluck precutted foam can be shaped to contain any sensitive instrument. Does not matter if it is a laptop, a professional microphone a mixer or any other equipment, the 1490 will avoid that can be damaged by water bumps and collisions.


Stainless steel structure.
The two double-step latches with keys enable a quick opening and remain closed in case of shock and vibration.
Open cell core with solid wall structure guarantees robustness and lightness.
O-ring seal to protect against water and liquids.
Automatic pressure equalization valve, automatically balances the pressure and keeps the water out. Convenient handle molded rubber upper, to transport them with ease.
Lid organizer for computers.
Insert for base computer.
Unconditional guarantee of Peli quality.

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