Who We Are And What We Do

Termica S.r.l. together with ASIA S.r.l. allows the sale of products with high quality standards through the MILDEFENDER.COM platform

The need arose from the need of anyone who has a passion and interest in weapon systems, soft air, adventure, hunting, photography, outdoor, computer travel; all those people who need to buy quality products, lasting and guaranteed by professionals in the sectors, among the best on the market, to optimize if not amplify your activities.

The PELI brand since 1976 guarantees the best performance of use of its products for which they were made, the PELI brand has confirmed itself over the years as a leader in its kind.

In keeping with the quality offered, there is the choice of use of these products in the Military, Civil Protection, Fire Brigade, and Police Forces, in particular for the ad hoc construction technologies for which they were displayed.

The well-established successful experience with the Armed Forces around the world using the PELI brand, allows us to guarantee safety even for all those people who aim for the best. Termica S.r.l. is available to provide a 24-hour assistance and sales service following the customer in the pre-sale phase and directing him to make the most suitable choice for his needs. Our email is also available for further support on the price where there is a need to acquire unspecified quantities for both individuals and administration, We are on MEPA and MEPAB as Termica S.r.l.

Our support of the purchased item. Contact us by @mail we will do our best to accommodate you. info@mildefender.com - info@termicaforniture.it

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