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Peli 1660 Case
Peli 1660 Case
Peli 1660 Case

Peli 0500 Transport Case

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Spacious hard Peli suitcase, suitable for multiple uses from cinema to industry; allows safe transport, away from liquids, dust and shock to any fragile digital device fragile inside. Available with accessory kits for palletizing or with wheel kit. Completely removable lid.

Manufacturer: Peli
Category: Large Protector Cases
Country of Origin: US
External dimensions: 101.1x 59.5x 72.7cm
Interior dimensions: 88.7x 46.8x 64.1cm
Weight: 22.68kg
Certifications: IP 67, DEF STAN 81-41, STANAG 4280, MIL C-4150J, ATA 300

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Built with a proprietary blend of polymers, la Peli 0500 was born to last. Its special construction makes it suitable for heavy transport in addition to normal cases firmer and leaner. Extremely spacious for carrying tools and delicate and bulky, can be palletized and can be added numerous accessories such as wheels. Thanks to the numerous technical, guarantees total safety and stability of content, even for long trips and/or in difficult areas. From the curved pressure equalization, all the details of this case are designed to minimize damage to what it contains.The solid double-step latches remain closed in case of shock and vibration, while avoiding the risks of an accidental opening of the case. Optional Pick N ' Pluck foam precutted * blocks the content exactly where we want it. From cinema to industry, there are numerous possible uses for this case. The only certainty is that the content will be safe from any inconvenience.


Pins, hinges and screws in stainless steel.
Patented polymer body with open cell honeycomb: guarantees strength and lightness out of the ordinary.
PuÌ_ essere impilata e trasportata tramite pallet (due valigie per fila, due per colonna, massimo di quattro per pallet).
Case resistente ad urti, acqua e polvere.
Le sette chiusure a doppio step åÊpermettono un'apertura rapida e restano chiuse in caso di urti e vibrazioni.
Guarnizione o-ring per la protezione totale da acqua e liquidi. åÊ
Doppia valvola di compensazione automatica della pressione, bilanciano automaticamente la pressione e mantengono l'acqua fuori.
Coperchio completamente rimovibile per avere rapido accesso al contenuto. Due comode maniglie laterali in gomma pressofusa, per spostarla con facilitÌÊ.
Sette strati di schiuma fonoassorbente Pick 'N' Pluck ã¢*.
Kit ruote rinforzate in poliuretano complete di freno, per un trasporto rapido e affidabile negli anni.*
Kit rialzato di piedi per pallettizzazione*.
kit portadocumenti*
Peli's unconditional guarantee
*accessorio da selezionare in fase di configurazione o acquistabile separatamente, a seconda della configurazione richiesta possono variare prezzo e tempi di consegna.

Also available with our customization service laser-cut foam for a custom quote please contact us, without obligation, to info@milstorm.com

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