Peli Lights: lighting systems area and tactical flashlights for all uses

Since 1976, Peli has illuminated the darkest places and most dangerous in the world, with specialized lighting tools for professionals, including the Fire Department, Police, Security and workers in all types of industries. They were also used by outdoor enthusiasts, professional athletes and adventurers dive.
Peli™ flashlights are well known for their brightness. Equipped with the new generation LED, Xenon or halogen, Peli flashlights generate a powerful beam that passes through the smoke, fog, rain, dust or the worst and the most adverse conditions of immersion. Their bodies, made of ABS resin, Xenoy® and other polycarbonate materials, and rings and stainless steel clips, make them extremely resistant to shock, chemicals and extreme conditions. Special features that make them extremely safe (see the Zone0 & 1 flashlights).
Depending on the model, Peli Lights have a powerful beam up to 1,000 lumens, offer a runtime up to 190 hours, illuminate a distance of +190 meters or be immersed up to 150 meters (check the specifications for each model). Some are sold with alkaline or rechargeable batteries.
There are many torches at low cost on the market, and most do not provide the expected quality in a professional product.


Our catalog offers portable flashlights work with ropes, lights at right angles that can be connected to a split or pocket, twisting metal car or home, headlights for workers who require hands-free, high-powered lanterns Professional long-term, headlights for hiking, running and other outdoor and underwater torches waterproof.

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