Peli BB-4U rotopack

Peli BB-4U rotopack

Disponibile Per L'ordine in attesa di Ricarico
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Engineered by Peli for audio video professionals, they offer the perfect combination of trasportabilit_ and protection against impact and vibration.

Producer: Peli
Category: Rack Mount
External dimensions: 97.8 x 62.5 x 28.9 cm
Inner dimensions: 61 x 48.3 x 17.8 cm
Internal dimension top cover: 5.6 cm
Inside back cover Size: 13.2 cm

The BlackBox 4U-M6 a hair Rack mount case is made for transportation and use of computer and audio/video equipment.


Engineered racks provide a secure mobile container for electronic equipment up to 43.45 kg.
The reinforcements offer 5.1 cm swing space to isolate the equipment.
Reinforcement ribs configuration ensures a secure stacking and interlock.
Patented handles with a large ergonomic handle makes lifting easy.
Durable hardware and closes securely.
Light and compact.
Two wheels
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