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Peli 1930Z0 Silver

Certfied LED flashlight with neck lanyard and belt clip. Lightweight, corrosion-resistant, leave your hands free to move.

Producer: Peli
Light Source: LED
Length: 6,7 cm
Weight: 25,5 gr
Power Light (High): 12 Lumens
Battery Range (High): 4h 15min
Beam Distance (High): 17 m
Light peak intensity (High): 70 cd
Battery Included: yes.
Certifications: ATEX Zone 0

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Peli 2400Z1 Stealthlite»...

ATEX Zone 1, Xenon lamp, switch easily usable with one hand and body resistant to shocks make the flashlight a useful partner in potentially risky situations. Submersible, lights up 125 meters away the Peli Stealthlite 2400 is the top choices of specialized operators.

Producer: Peli
Light Source: Xenon
Length: 16,5 cm
Weight: 201 gr
Power Light (High): 38 Lumens
Battery Range (High): 4h 30min
Beam Distance (High): 156 m
Light peak intensity (High): 6194 cd
Battery Included: yes.
Certifications: Class 1 - Division 1, Class II - Division 2 , IPx7.

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Peli 9415Z0 LED Lantern

Professional led lantern, fluid resistant reclining head and Certified ATEX zone 0. Solid, reliable and powerful, guarantees lights up to 390 meters away and over 10 hours of use. Great for firefighters and professionals in the chemical, oil and famraceutical; for anyone working fire or work in risk areas.

Producer: Peli
Light Source: LED
Length: 22.2 cm
Weight: 1,649 kg
Power Light (High): 392 Lumens
Power Light (Low): 144 Lumens
Battery Range (High): 4h 30min
Battery Range (Low): 11h.
Beam Distance (High): 392m
Beam Distance (Low): 234 m
Light peak intensity (High): 32767 cd
Light peak intensity (Low): 13747 cd
Certifications: Atex Zone 0, IECEx ia, IPx4
Battery Included: yes.

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Peli 3615Z0 Little Ed»

Powerful Right angle flashlight by Peli with ATEX Zone 0 and IPx7 certified. Durable and Protected from historic guarantee of Peli*. Shines up to 165 meters away through smoke and fog with a Battery Range of 5 hour and 45 min. Suitable for all operators in the risk areas as firefighters and skilled workers in the chemical, pharmaceutical and oil sectors.
With stainless steel belt clip and resistant to corrosive chemical agents.

Producer: Peli
Light Source: LED
Length: 19,1 cm (body only)
Weight: 297,7 gr
Power Light (High): 153 Lumens
Battery Range (High): 5h 45min
Beam Distance (High): 165 m
Light peak intensity (High): 6837 cd
Battery included: yes.
Certifications: ATEX Zone 0, IPx7.

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