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Peli 2690Z0 Headsup Lite»...

Powerful, lightweight and reliable this LED headlight is suitable for professionals who work in risk area and to all lovers of outdoor sports. Lights up to 92 mters away and can be lighted till 11 hour, the body ultra resist to falls and is waterproof to one meter. This flashlight is a tool reliable and powerful. The second rubber band included allows mounting on helmets and caps. Products covered by historic Peli Life Time Guarantee

Manufacturer: Peli
Light source: LED
Length: 7.1 cm (body only)
Weight: 116.2 gr
Light output (High): 74 Lumens
Battery Charger life (High): 11 hours
Beam distance (High): 92 m
Bright peak intensity (High): 2124 cd
Batteries included: Yes
Certifications: ATEX Zone 0, IPx7.
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Peli 2740 HeadsUp Lite» Black

Produced for climbers, hikers e campers. Small, lightweight and powerfull. Shines up to 32 meters away with a maximum range of 51 hours with three AAA batteries. With led night vision red mode, and easy battery Exchange System.

Producer: Peli
Light Source: LED
Length: 5,7 cm (body only)
Weight: 93,6 gr
Power Light (High): 35 Lumens
Power Light (Low): 13 Lumens
Battery Range (High): 20h
Battery Range (Low): 51h
Beam Distance (High): 32 m
Beam Distance (High): 12 m
Light peak intensity (High): 259 cd
Light peak intensity (Low): 89 cd
Battery Included: yes.
Certifications: IPx4.
Regular price €34.60 Price €27.68

Peli 2755Z0 HeadsUp Lite»

powerful Headlight LED, light and Certified ATEX Zone 0. Watertight and resistant to corrosive chemicals. With battery replacement indicator, to never remain in the dark, powered by 3 AAA commons battery. Recommended for firefighters and industrial workers in the oil sector, pharmaceutical and chemical industries.

Producer: Peli
Light Source: LED
Length: 5,7 cm (body only)
Weight: 93,6 gr
Power Light (High): 72 Lumens
Power Light (Low): 34 Lumens
Battery Range (High): 6h
Battery Range (Low): 15h
Beam Distance (High): 57 m
Beam Distance (Low): 40 m
Light peak intensity (High): 807 cd
Light peak intensity (High): 404 cd
Battery Included: yes.
Certifications: ATEX Zone 0, IPx7.
Regular price €62.42 Price €49.93